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Case Studies

A Few of our Favorite Stories

Long Island Low Pressure Sewer System

The Zoeller Engineered Products Replacement Pump Series Model 6932 was the solution to a problem installation in Long Island, New York. The grease in this installation was a major contributor to the pump failure. The inlet to the pressure switch was completely blinded off and not allowing the on/off switches to function.

10/16/2020  |  Read More
Kelly Crossroads Low Pressure Sewer System

The Problem:

Kelly Cross Roads is a village in central Pennsylvania near the Borough of Lewisburg. The village had failing septic systems due to system age, soils, and topography. The township needed a solution for these homes that would protect the homeowners and the environment.  

8/23/2019  |  Read More
Mobile Bathrooms for Remote Areas

This mobile bathroom unit consists of showers, sinks, and toilets with water partially recycled onsite to flush the toilets.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Huber's Orchard and Winery

Upon review a new design for pressurized septic drain fields, the experts at Clarus offered a simpler, more economical alternative.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Effective Treatment Where Looks Matter

The initial plan of drainfields in every backyard failed to meet the aesthetic quality sought by the homeowners of this Estate Section.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Cleaner Waters for Lake Recreation

Initial development along the shore of Lake Conway took little consideration for septic installations, leading to polluted waters for guests.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Lake Saved from Contamination

A mobile home park in Michigan had a failed septic system resulting in surfacing effluent and contamination of a nearby lake.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
RMF Cleans Up Community Areas

A utility company had a failed aerobic package plant and was in discharging unacceptable wastewater to a nearby recreation area...

11/2/2017  |  Read More
RMF for Restaurant Waste

A Kentucky restaurant was suffering outrageous monthly expenses to pump its holding tanks.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Commercial RMF Aids Church Expansion

A church was expanding, and the existing septic system was too small for the new kitchen facility.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Tru-Flow® for Drain Fields

Even distribution of water across a drain field can be difficult, but we can help.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
EPDM Guarantees a Resort Experience

A watertight seal was a must for this luxury resort with a saltwater lake along the patios of its thatched-roof villas.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Fusion Replaces 30-year-old Septic System

A two-bedroom home was in need of a repair for their worn-out, 30-year-old, lateral field in poor soil and cracked fiberglass septic tank.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Fusion® Residential Treatment

This residential treatment system services a newly-constructed four-bedroom home in Kentucky.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Residential Z-Cell

A rental property located in South Central Indiana experienced lateral field failure and was in need of an alternative system.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Residential Recirculating Media Filter

After three failed conventional onsite systems, the owners of a three-bedroom home in Central Indiana were desperate for an alternative.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Brisas del Lago

Brisas del Lago is a gated community with about 225 residential homes. Since the community is responsible for its own water and waste, all wastewater from the homes is discharged...

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Apartment Buildings

Many apartment buildings in El Salvador run on limited water supply, often shutting off service during night-time hours for conservation. An employee of Zoeller’s local distributor put F&W’s products to the test in his own building with great success.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Ocean Exploration

Oceanographer Robert Ballard led the first expedition to discover a shipwreck below 200’ (60 m) in 1997. This journey uncovered several ancient Roman ships full of well-preserved artifacts dating back as far as 200 B.C. on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient Carthage.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Nevada County Fairgrounds

When it became necessary to expand the Nevada County Fairgrounds, the county developed a duplex pump system to handle the job.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium which is well-known as the home field of the Indianapolis Colts and the host stadium of the Super Bowl XLIV. It has a seating capacity of 62,241 for football games and can exceed 70,000 people in its basketball configuration.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Honda de México S.A. de C.V.

In 2014, Honda de México S.A. de C.V. announced it would begin building a facility measuring 5.66 million square meters in Mexico to manufacture subcompact vehicles for the North American market. As it is projected to produce 200,000 units per year and employ approximately 3,200 people, the company has installed 13 duplex grinder lift stations around the facility to handle all of the discharged wastewater from the plant.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
National Library of Korea

The National Library of Korea was founded in 1945 and has been in its current location since 1988. The main building consists of seven floors and a basement level, and two smaller buildings are attached. 

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Le Loi Hospital

The Le Loi Hospital consists of a clinic, an emergency room, and a labor room. The hospital utilizes a small wastewater treatment system for all discharged waste from the buildings.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Jumex Centroamericana

Jumex is a fruit juice manufacturer based in Mexico. When a processing plant was opened in El Salvador in 2009, it was required to have its own wastewater treatment plant on site. A local Zoeller distributor, is running this system utilizing their own chemical treatment process powered by Zoeller pumps.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
CPC Gas Station

It is likely in this type of location that gasoline may drip onto the ground around the filling stations and would then be washed into the pump pits by rainfall. This can create a hazardous environment, which requires a hazardous duty pump to remove water from the building’s foundation.

11/2/2017  |  Read More

This healthcare center is located in a rented, commercial building. Since the company is not permitted to destroy or change the structure of the facility, they are not able to install buried discharge piping through which wastewater would be moved away from the foundation.

11/2/2017  |  Read More